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Interview with Angela Talley
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Interview with Angela Talley, Wedding Photographer

Always & Forever: How did you get involved in wedding photography?

Angela Talley: I have a Bachelor of Art in Photography & love documenting weddings as well as the creative aspect of preserving one of the most special days in a couples life.

Always & Forever: What do you specialize in?

Angela Talley: I specialize in weddings, events, portrait and commercial. My style is consistent through all genres. It’s not what I shoot, but how. I have shot over 500 weddings in my career this far.

Always & Forever: Is there any advice can you give to future newlyweds?

Angela Talley: As far as photography, make sure you do your research. There is a huge difference between professional photographers and hobbyists.

Always & Forever: What recommendations could you give about locations and vendors?

Angela Talley: Find a location that gives you all the feels. Vendors who you like and who ya e samples of others weddings that you feel inspired you.

Do you need someone to shoot your wedding? Contact Angela Talley.

Phone: 317.407.9062

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