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Interview with Jennifer Filippone
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Meet Jennifer Filipone ~ 30A Snapshot

Always & Forever: How did you get started in photography?

Jennifer: I started experimenting when I was a senior in high school and a little bit more in college, but never got serious with it. Then, after my daughter was diagnosed with autism it became an outlet of mine. It took off from there when I did a beach sunset session with her. People took notice of the photos and it just spread through word of mouth.

Always & Forever: What is your particular specialization?

Jennifer: I specialize in family portraits and sunset beach weddings. Outdoor lighting is always the best for great photos.

Always & Forever: Is there any advice you can give to future newlyweds?

Jennifer: So when I was a bridezilla I realized that it’s not about the wedding day! It’s about the marriage, because unexpected things can happen. You want to stay focused on what is important.

Always & Forever: Do you have any location recommendations for good photo shoots?

Jennifer: I love Eden Gardens State Park and Grayton Beach state park. The cutest hidden secret gem is Monet Monet on 30a in Grayton. It’s super romantic and intimate.

Always & Forever: Thank you so much Jennifer! Your photography is beautiful!

If you would like to visit with Jennifer about your wedding photography needs, visit her online at: www.snapshot30a.com

destin florida wedding setup with chairs on beach
destin florida wedding setup with chairs on beach

Destin Penthouse & 30A Vacation Home Collection

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Silver Shells St. Maarten 308

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Beach Bayou 30A

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Sleeps 6

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